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Live Bet Makes Watching Sports More Fun With First-Ever Play-by-Play Free Betting App

Players more knowledgeable about their teams, the game, or sports betting odds will have an advantage, though Live Bet is intuitive enough for the most casual betting pool participant to enjoy. There’s even a chat feature to taunt your opponents. No other company domestically, real money or free-to-play, offers authentic play-by-play sports line betting. They […]

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2 brothers sentenced in California for running international sports betting ring

A judge in San Diego sentenced Jan Portocarrero to 18 months on Friday. They also were fined $50,000. Nearly $12 million in assets were seized. Prosecutors say the brothers ran an Internet and telephone gambling enterprise called “Macho Sports” for more than a decade from a headquarters in Lima, Peru. Authorities say the company took […]

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Spider Fighting and Gambling in the Philippines

Fistfights were not uncommon and going home with a bruised eye and soiled or torn school uniform resulted in the discovery of our illicit activities and the accompanying consequences. Some petty larceny was sometimes resorted to acquire the necessary stake money. they are feed with insects but we avoid feeding them before a fight to […]

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