Obsessed, Season 2 Episode 3 with Sharon and Patricia July 12 On A&E

A therapist comes in and is intent on helping Patricia make it through a visit to the hospital, as well as standing by to support her husband during his chemo.. Now with serious aspirations of being a photographer, Sharons OCD has gotten so severe it keeps her from pursuing this. He has both diabetes and multiple sclerosis, and needs monthly chemotherapy treatments for this, but she cant find a way to support him. She witnessed her stepfather, a man who considered her the daughter he never had, have a grand mal seizure when she was very young, and later, also witnessed him die. This is where it started, and by the time she was in college and heard the news a friend had died, it completely evolved into an OCD for her.

Illness can scare people and bring about different reactions in different people. It was after this that her OCD really kicked in.

Sharon is one of the people we think about when we talk about OCD. To catch up on older episodes of Obsessed, see TV-Links.

Patricia is what some would call a hypochondriac. When she was a young girl, she became afraid of monsters under her bed and flipped on the lights a few times to chase them away. Again, it can be attributed to things that happened when she was young. Its not hard to see how that would have a profound affect on a life. Sharon is afraid that if she doesnt keep counting and obsessing with her rituals, such as obsessing over the perfect parking of her car, which can go on for twenty-fours, it will be her fault that her mom dies. Yet while its manifested in this way, its caused by fears that dont seem to deal much with having the light on or off, although it started out that way. Later, she and her husband went through a miscarriage of Patricias, and the doctors werent able to do a D&C right away, so she carried the dead fetus inside of her for awhile. Her OCD revolves around fears of dying and hospitals. Those are horrible things to be saddled with. On this weeks Obsessed we find out how two womens obsessive compulsive disorder controls two womens lives very differently, but both because of reasons that go back to the health and welfare of their loved ones.

What is always so profoundly interesting about these Obsessed stories is that they show not just the shocking parts of the story, but also the setup, so we can get inside of these people to help understand how they got here and what they need to do to get better. It has all been made much worse with the news that her mom has incurable ovarian cancer. Both of these women can definitely trace theirs back to their early years, showing us how important those years are in a kids life. She is so obsessed with the possibility of herself having blood disorders, heart attacks, strokes, etc., that when hes around shes concentrating on those possibilities and taking her blood pressure thirty times a day, instead of helping him. They have spent $60,000 on her healthcare over the past two years, despite her never being diagnosed with a serious illness. She obsessively turns light switches off. It really does shape them.

Its hard for Patricia to support her husband. A therapist comes in to help her confront her fears and her rituals.

Watch this weeks episode of Obsessed July 12 on A&E and find out if Sharon and Patricia get the help they need

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