Luis Suarez admits to diving: Brendan Rodgers is suddenly enlightened

And if he dives to win a penalty at a weekend against Norwich City that proves crucial in the winning result, then its hard to see Rodgers complaining much about it.

Nevertheless, there are certain players that are considered to be repeat offenders and Suarez is certainly one of those. Although, referees are not always as good at detecting the difference between a dive and when a player has genuinely been fouled.. However, the trick to it is usually in the manner that the player goes to ground. Of course, he will talk about how diving is simply unacceptable, and he has let the whole club down. Its fair to say that fans usually know when a player has dived to try and gain an advantage. Rodgers has suggested that the striker will be dealt with internally by Liverpool, but what is a bit worrying is it is almost as if Rodgers had never considered that Suarez could be a diver before.

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Suarez is one of those players who will always look to gain an advantage, and its hard to see that changing over this incident. Although, its fair that sometimes there is merely a collision between a defender and attacking player. Diving is certainly a problem within the Premier League this season, but its not just the foreign players, and British players are certainly guilty of it as much as anyone else.

And even if he did, then is he really angry with Suarez diving, or just that fact that the forward has admitted to it. But there is a school of thought that states that you have to use anything available to you to gain an advantage.

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So, he has now made himself look a bit silly, now that Luis Suarez has said himself that he has dived in the past. But his manager Brendan Rodgers has been at length to defend his star striker in the past, so much so that he has previously stated that his man is not a diver.

Luis Suarezs admission to diving doesnt come as a major surprise to almost any fan of Premier League football

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