Which sports team has the worst (most obnoxious) fans? Why?

Examples of this include: archive footage of their hooligan element’s past bad behaviour being shown, when disorder has occurred at other grounds, not involving them. The Metropolitan Police have described them as “the most dangerous Firm in the country”. have, however, had a long and notorious history of football hooliganism. they’re the most notorious anyway.

Some snippets from wikipedia:. Their Firm, known as the Bushwackers [sic] is one of the most notorious of all hooligan gangs. The News of the World, however, bore the headline: “Millwall Thugs Deck Linesman With Concrete”. [5]

Millwall FC … I used to live in Lewisham and you could always tell when a Millwall game was going on because London Bridge station would be full of police officers, and there would suddenly be a terrifying roar as all the Millwall fans got off the train.

Having said this, hooligans attaching themselves to Millwall were involved in a riot away from the ground, after a play off game against Birmingham City in May 2002, which was described as one of the worst cases of civil disorder seen in Great Britain in the recent past. Informed media commentators including Danny Baker, Paul Casella the editor of the leading Millwall fan magazine The Lion Roars, Danny Kelly and Steve Claridge also believe that Millwall’s hooligan problems are to a certain extent greatly exaggerated, and that such wilful exaggeration has led to a siege mentality among the decent, law abiding fans, who are a constant easy target for both press and media alike. These, and many other similar incidents, gave rise to the Millwall fans’ famous song; “No One Likes Us – We Don’t Care,” being sung in defiant defence of themselves, and their team.[2] [3][4]

In the UK, I would say probably Millwall… 47 policemen and 24 police horses were injured, and the Metropolitan Police considered suing Millwall after the events. During a game between Millwall and Huddersfield Town, The Observer reported that a Huddersfield Town fan had thrown a coin at a linesman, and that some Millwall fans had intervened, and handed the culprit over to police

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