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These channels direct rainwater away from your cabin, pointing them harmlessly away from the wood.

No1 Discount sheds History & Manufacturing Pedigree

Soon after our creation Uk Log Cabins forged an exclusive partnership with Liverpool based market leading manufacturer Discount Sheds to offer garden buildings to the end retailer nationwide through our revolutionary e-commerce website. Whilst we have always understood and striven to compete with other online garden building sellers on price our key focus has always been on delivering the customer with the best quality and value for money garden buildings.

From mid-2007 Uk Log Cabins and No1 Discount sheds Liverpool formailised our partnership and all web site operations were moved to the head offices of No1 Discount Sheds in Liverpool Merseyside. If you have not installed gutters, now is the right time to do so. No1 Discount Sheds is now one of the premier garden building manufacturers in the UK operating from a state of the art plant on a purpose built four acre site in Liverpool. The rapid growth of the company soon developed to house a large, modern manufacturing unit for garden sheds and a timber machining plant. An agreement was made that Discount Sheds

would continue to be the exclusive supplier of all Uk Log Cabins timber garden buildings and the alliance allowed us here at Uk Log Cabins to combine our strong brand and great internet prices with the esteemed history and huge manufacturing capabilities and experience .

Around 35 years ago Discount Sheds began its first steps into the manufacture of simple garden buildings under the name of ‘No1 Discount Sheds’. Too much exposure to water can harm the wood and it will need treating regularly with some form of spirit based treatment like cuprinol.

Go down and see to it that the sprouts are pointing the run-off water away from the cabin or into the water but and it has an over flow for when it gets full.In addition, ensure that the down sprouts are not blocked; sometimes, you can’t see dead leaves, twigs, and animal carcasses that have blocked the water from flowing down the pipe. With a dedicated team of over 55 employees Discount Sheds is a strong and resilient company with a trusted history that is proud of the quality reputation that has been built in the past but also mindful enough to focus its attention on planning and developing its business for the future.

When buying from Uk Log Cabins you can guarantee not only the best internet quality and value garden buildings around but also the backing of one of the UKs biggest and well respected manufacturers with over 35 years of experience.

More Than Just An Online Store Come And Visit Our Showsite Come And Touch And Feel Our Products!See them being made

Because we know that sometimes people can be apprehensive about spending their hard earned money or not so hard earnt ? on the net weve done something that our competitors cant. . created a national group of show site to display the Uk Log Cabins range!

So dont be shy, come and visit us! Come and see, touch, feel and admire our range of garden sheds and log cabins at our Log Cabins showsite at our Liverpool factory , where you can view a selection of our buildings in various sizes, colours and finishes.

Find out for yourselves why our value and quality is unmatched on the internet and satisfy yourself that you are dealing with a real that you see is what you get sort of company.

Our showrooms are open Monday to Saturday 8am 5pm, Sunday 9am 3pm.

Check out No1 Discount sheds Liverpool today.

Are you eyeing to get one of those cheap log cabins you find in the Web as a permanent residence, a rest house in the mountains, or a home office separate from your main house? If so, congratulations! We presently sell the Log cabin your looking for and presently a popular trend in real estate, particularly for folks who want a more basic, more rustic, more rural lifestyle. One of the main things that you need to contend with is during bad weather water attacking your cabin. From that moment on it became, and still is today, our ambition to move the Uk Log Cabins brand forward as a powerful name within the garden buildings industry. These houses, made out of thick and strong logs, are durable and can resist all sorts of conditions. If your cabin already has gutters, make sure they are tidy. Additionally, ensure that the wall of your gutter is tall enough to avoid water splashing back to your timber section. Try installing a water butt as well then you have a ready made supply for watering the Garden

Of course, just like in any other man-made structure, nature will definitely and mercilessly take its toll on your cabin. In such case, you may need to call a specialist to remove the stuff or replace the sprout entirely.

Gutters are your first line of defense against water. Every week, climb up the roof and get rid of dead leaves, twigs, and other debris that are on the gutter’s channel. If you leave them there, sooner or later, they will make a barrier which prevents water from draining down to the sprouts

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