How to Bet on Horse Races: A Beginner’s Guide

B. Then, give thetype of bet (see below); and

A. Betting on the lesser position gives you a win in thatcategory or higher (but at a lower payoff). Finally, give thenumber of the horse(s) you’re betting on – No names

Betting Simplified (I hope)

(b) Churchill.$100 on #6 to ‘Place’.

2. $2 Exacta on 1 and 6. If he comes in 3rd place, however, I getnothing. If the bet is for later, say the number of the race between Steps 1 and 2.

Examples would be:

1. So, the language would be something like this: ChurchillDowns. If #6 comes in 1st or 2nd place, I win something. Win = the winner; Place = 2nd place; Show = 3rd place

Note: Your bet will automatically be applied to the current race unless you specify a different race that you want to bet on. If #6 comes in 1st, 2nd, or 3rdplace, I win something. Single horse: When betting on a single horse,consider the following:

2. If you dontstate a specific dollar amount at the counter, your bet will usually be basedon this minimum and be split or multiplied according to the bet.


4. First, give the name of thetrack (Churchill, Pimlico, Belmont,Santa Anita, etc.);. The standard bet is usually $2.00. Second, give thedollar amount of the bet;

(a) Santa Anita. $100 on #6 toShow.


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