An Easy Remodeling Fix For Ugly Baseboard Heaters

This means that your heaters have to “run” for less time before the temperature on your thermostat is reached.

Although replacing your old baseboard heater’s cover with one of these new replacement covers may seem like a very insignificant remodeling tweak, we can guarantee that, once installed, they will make a bigger difference to the overall aesthetic appeal of your room as well as your energy bill than you could ever have imagined possible.

Easy Fix For Ugly Baseboard Heaters

The biggest reason that baseboard heating is so widely used is that it is compact, fairly unobtrusive and easy to install. As it turns out, in their originally installed form they are not that efficient either.

The top portion of the standard baseboard heater covers opens up very slightly to help allow the heat being generated to transfer into the room. Most of them are very similar in appearance; long metal things with a slightly adjustable cover that have no real personality or style to speak of at all.

Although they are the most common type of heater found in US homes, one can hardly say the average baseboard heater is particularly attractive. Aesthetically, the number of different styles of replacement baseboard heater cover available grows every day. They can be found in dozens of different color choices and even in some very attractive wood grain finishes.

From a practical standpoint a new baseboard heater cover offers a more efficient method by which to transfer heat into the room, as they have holes in the top rather than a tiny opening, allowing the heat to escape and fill the room far more quickly. This system is in fact rather inefficient; the metal cover typically must heat up first to transfer additional heat to the room, which means wasted energy every time it is turned on.

Newer baseboard heater covers solve all these problems quite nicely though and the good news is that they will take an HVAC professional just a few minutes to fit.

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