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After receiving numerous questions and requests, we are now also offering the possibility to open betting accounts at SBOBET and Betfair. Use the many variations of Asian Handicap betting to get your money back if the match is undecided or ends in a draw.

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If you are looking for high class gaming experience of the new generation, BET-IBC is the place to be. Latest additions to the already impressive portfolio are the one-of-a-kind live casino, as well as the possibility to bet on greyhound and horse racing. We would like to invite you to visit our partner section to learn about the earning potential and consider taking this great opportunity. MAXBET processes billions of dollars in bets every month and besides having the best odds in the world, they also have by far the highest limits. Get your MAXBET account now!


They offer bets on all popular sports such as soccer, basketball, hockey, tennis, baseball, Formula 1, cycling and many more. You can have your Skrill account in EUR, but if needed you can send USD currency at any time to another Skrill account.

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BET-IBC & Skrill


There are many e-wallets out there, but few that actually matter. You bet.


Why us? Because you can confide in us without worrying for your money’s safety and enjoy loads of stunning betting possibilities. That is not the case with NETELLER – one of the biggest and most renowned companies offering secure online money transfers. Please refer to the dedicated calculator section here to learn more about the tool!

Why us?

Are you looking for a trustworthy agent of MAXBET? You can stop right here – thanks to our brilliant services, you will become a prospering bettor. Key features that we take pride in (and from which our customers profit):

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. Additionally, they have a casino, poker room as well as a bingo site and the renowned Number Game. We recommend this payment option to players holding betting accounts in Euro and USD, as we accept NETELLER transfers in these 2 currencies.

Read our NETELLER review and learn more!

6,000 live matches a month – welcome to the number one betting website for live games in the entire betting universe. Betting accounts at MAXBET can only be opened by request. The motor of our service is the trust that players from all parts of the globe put in us. This is just one of the many reasons why we strongly recommend this payment option.

Another reason would be the multiple currencies which are available on any opened account. MAXBET also made a name for themselves through sponsoring two Premiere League Clubs, FC Newcastle United and Wigan Athletic.

Highest level MAXBET agents since 2007;

Fast, professional & dedicated customer service;

VIP betting solution for high-stakes players;

Fast deposits & withdrawals;

An array of payment methods;

Guaranteed security of your personal information;

Hundreds of satisfied customers.


Besides all that, MAXBET is THE bookmaker for high rollers and VIP players. Safety is Skrill’s second name. To learn more about each operator, please visit their respective reviews.


Good Things Come In Pairs


official agentWe make the gambling world

a better place. Many sporting events are streamed live on IBC TV available for every customer. Read about our VIP Betting Solution here.

The gaming industry provides many kinds of payment methods. Should you make up your mind about becoming an agent, just fill in our partner sign-up form and we will get back to you shortly.

BET-IBC – A Brand You Can Trust

Even though we believe that MAXBET is THE best bookmaker in the entire market, we realize that for some of our customers – especially professional bettors – it may not be enough. Don’t worry, bet happy.

MAXBET (former IBCBET) is Asia’s leading bookmaker

Bet on any sporting event worldwide with the best odds and highest limits!

*MAXBET supports betting from your mobile phone at


MAXBET is also a leader among bookmakers offering bets using the Asian Handicap. The famous Asian bookmaker MAXBET does not lock accounts or limit wagering volume or amounts – not even if you are a winning player! This fact makes the bookmaker an ideal platform for professional punters, unlike most popular online bookmakers who are not that keen on winners.

As top-level MAXBET (formerly known as IBCBET) agents, we also have the possibility to open Agent and Master Agent accounts (see our article on the Asian Agent System for more information on the agent hierarchy) for our customers. Our team is dedicated to providing you with ongoing support, expert advice and valuable suggestions to ensure your comfort and secure your winnings.

We offer a unique service for our VIP customers allowing them to place bigger bets than anywhere else.

Our Asian Handicap & Over/Under Calculator allows you to calculate potential payoffs and profits for both Asian Handicap and Over/Under bets. Our offer improves with every bet. Possessing the status of top-level agents we are therefore able to open betting accounts for customers on their behalf quickly and easily over our online signup form. Positive feedback concerning our activities gives us the confidence and motivation to constantly improve our offer.

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Every bet you make, no matter what stake – we guarantee a joyful and relaxed gambling experience thanks to our superb customer care.

Asian Handicap & Over/Under Calculator

We are a company with years of experience in the sports betting business, which enables us to understand our customers’ needs and cater to them better. Ambitious players who don’t want to put their money at stake use approved and safe transfer methods. We are committed to providing our clients with the best possible service and strive for continuous improvement to keep them satisfied

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