Tips to Beat Level 23 on Candy Crush Saga

Candy Packets. 2) Try to set up a striped candy combination down a row – Much easier said than done, but if the situation arises and you are able to send a striped candy down a row, you’ll clear all of the frosting at once and will have 7-8 extra moves to work with the rest of the round.

Just make sure you actively look for special combinations and ways where you will score the most points at once.

Tips, Tricks and Strategies to Beat Candy Crush Saga

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Candy Crush is an extremely popular game currently being played on mobile devices, tablets and desktops.  Level 23 is a tricky one that usually takes people a few tries.  We’ve lays out a few tips to get through it right away!

Now onto the tips…

The points may be the toughest thing to overcome as you could have a really efficient round and clear both the frosting and jellies without getting to 178,000. 

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1) Worry about the frosting first, not the jellies – Although the goal of this board is to clear the jellies, the frosting is the bigger issue as candies can’t even get to those spaces until it’s gone!  Don’t waste early moves removing jellies at the top as combinations will occur naturally at the top as you clear the frosting at the bottom.


5) Combos, Combos, Combos! – Striped candy. Candy Bombs.  You’re going to need all of the above not only to clear the jellies, but get the points required to pass.  There’s nothing worse than clearing all of the jellies and still losing because you didn’t get enough points!

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4) After the frosting is cleared, still work on clearing the bottom – There is a natural tendency in this game to just take the first combination that catches your eye.  This make have worked during the first few levels, but now that you’re here, you’re going to be careful spending moves.  Clearing the bottom out first will let combos at the top occur without you having to do anything.  You’re going to have to clear it all out eventually, so you might as well start at the bottom!

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First, to provide a little context, this board has 36 double jelly spaces that need to be cleared in order to pass.  The jellies are covered by frosting that must first be removed before candies can occupy those spaces.  Once the candies are on the spaces, they must be cleared twice due to the DOUBLE jellies.  You have 50 moves to complete this level!  Did we mention you have to score 178,000 point as well?!?

3) Look for candy combinations down the rows – This basically means that if you can clear 3 jellies at once while removing frosting at the same time, that’s one of the best things you can do.  Actively look for situations that do the most damage to the jellies and frosting as you only have 50 moves.

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